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Preparing for the Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) Practicum


What Is the CLE Practicum Test?

PowerPoint Presentation

What Role Does Linux Play?

Why Certified Linux Engineer Now?

What is the Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) Certification Track?

What is the CLE Practicum Test?

What are the Requirements?

How Does the Practicum Compare to the Real World?

What Is the Practicum Test?

How much Linux Do You Really Have to Know?

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Linux Professional Institute

Why Should You Get LPI Certified?

LPI Certification Levels

Junior Level Administration (LPIC1)

Intermediate Level Administration (LPIC2)

Senior Level Administration (LPIC3)

Junior Level Administration (LPIC1)

LPI (Level 1) Certification

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Taking the LPI Exams

LPI Retake Policy

How Much NNLS Do You Really Have to Know?

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Outline of Course 3015 Novell Nterprise Linux Services

Manage Red Carpet Components

Provide Directory Services with eDirectory

Manage User Identities

Synchronize User Identities with NNLS

Provide Personal File Management Services (iFolder and Samba)

Manage Printers with NNLS (iPrint)

Provide Web Mail Access with NNLS (NetMail)

Unify NNLS Web Access with Virtual Office

Preparing for the CLE

Why Take the CLE Practicum Test?

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Which Linux Distro Will Be On The Test?

What Tools are Available?

Preparing for the Practicum

How Do You Prepare for LPIC1?

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Author: Bob Stevens



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BrainShare 2004 Presentation - TUT282 - Preparing for the Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) Practicum Exam