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Cobb County Public Schools

Blended Systems consulted on and headed the project to re-architect the Public School's GroupWise system of 14,600 users in the 35 days before school started.

Significant Items:
  • Complete rebuild of domain routing tables

  • Reduction of databases from 208 to 92
  • Top-down rebuild time reduced to 4 instead of 96 person-hours
Products used:
  • GroupWise 6.5
  • eDirectory
  • NetWare 5.1

This project included:

  • Updating each of the 104 schools’ domains, post offices, GWIA and WebAccess agents to GroupWise 6.1

  • Adding 10 domains at the central office. Adding a new post office at each school. Migrating all users from the previous school post office to the new post office
  • Re-entering each user’s nickname in the new post office
  • Configuring the domains at the central office into a mesh
With the previous configuration, a top-down rebuild took three persons four days. With the new configuration, it takes one person one-half day. The project came in under budget and on time with only a 2.5 percent data loss. This project was the subject of 2003 Novell BrainShare presentation BUS331. Click here to see the presentation. ©2007
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