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Blended Systems is a service company founded on three principles:

Services are more important than servers.

80 percent of all server rooms have some combination of Microsoft Windows, Linux and Novell NetWare operating systems. Whether they are hosting core or edge services, they need to be configured for optimal performance.

All organizations have a set of foundation services.

Among these foundation services are:

Blended Systems will work with you to find the most cost-effective set of foundation services on which you can build your unique services. For more information see our Consulting Services.

Change is the only inevitability.

Yesterday’s “State of the Art” is today’s antiquated curiosity. Every service you have will need to be upgraded on the existing server and eventually migrated to a new server. Blended Systems assists our clients perform upgrades and manage migrations on the same platform or cross-platform.

Foundation Services

Identity Management - Authentication is provided by either Microsoft’s Active Directory or Novell’s eDirectory. Often, both are in place. Using Novell’s Identity Manager, Blended Systems assists clients with Directory Service tuning and blends them into a heterogeneous whole. Imagine being able to put a user in one Directory and having that “Add User” event propagate throughout your entire system from the Human Resources database through email and web site access.

Desktop Management and Application Deployment - Using Novell’s ZENworks Suite, Blended Systems assists clients manage desktops, servers, handhelds. Our clients can automatically secure, configure and patch these devices from a central location.

File and Print - Whether the user home directories exist on a Windows share, a NetWare volume or a Linux File System, each user must be granted the correct permissions (rights) based on his/her authorized level of access. As the operating systems become more diverse, these permissions need to be correctly calculated and granted. When our clients migrate from one operating system platform to another, Blended Systems assists them to ensure that these rights are maintained.

A corollary to secure data is good backups. To assist our clients with maintaining good backups, we offer Internet Vaulting.

Most companies still trust the backup of their most vital resource – data – to a fragmented and often ineffective policy of distributed tape devices, manual routines and offsite tape storage. Internet Vaulting addresses the drawbacks of the common approach to backup with a unique service offering:

  • A fully automated process with backups held on disk for rapid file restoration.
  • Secure online transfer of fully encrypted data to an offsite data center, ensuring regular backups are stored safely and remotely.
  • A sound basis for business continuity planning - whatever happens, your data is safe.
  • A cost effective solution with minimum capital outlay and an all-inclusive monthly service charge.

For more information on Intenet Vaulting click here.

Email is a mission-critical application. Businesses depend on eMail (and increasingly Instant Messenger) to communicate and collaborate with people internal and external to their office. Messages must be sent securely and unauthorized users must be denied access. Further, the eMail system must be free from viruses and Spam.

Blended Systems offers email solutions such as the RazorGate Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam appliance from Mirapoint which has a 98.5% catch rate, with no false positives. We also offer several email services running on general purpose operating systems and hardened stand-alone email appliances.

Security and Auditing - With the complexity of today’s technological environment, organizations must know who is accessing what services and be prepared to prove they are complying with all the regulations mandated for their industry. ©2007
Blended Systems, LLC
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